Sarcastic, Tricky Bastards

5-10-11 Politics, Gold and Subteranean Creatures

The party after leaving the main capital of Anvisil decided to return to Westwick. Upon returning to Westwick the party rested and then met first thing the next morning with Edwin. Edwin informed the party that they had accrued 12000 gold in taxes over the 6 month that they had been in control of the town, in addition to this gold the party decided to donate the gold from their plundering of the magic shops in Anvisil to the town bringing the coffers up to right around 59000. The group then proceeded to go over a list of things that needed their attention.

First the team decided to leave taxes at 6% for the lower class. There has been a problem with guard patrols going missing up north, the team decided that they would investigate it personally.
There was also an order to send 150 men to join the ranks of the militia, they needed to be armed or have the gold sent along to arm them. It was decided that the men would be armed in Westwick. The men will each be armed with chainmail, light shields, and short swords for a grand total of 11000 gold from the coffers. To help with enrollment the party will pay each militia member who joins ten gold per month. To help with the dwindling number of town guards it was decided that enrollment would be open to women as well as men. Theva suggested we pay them 7 gold for every 10 the men makes, we passed….

Finally the Heroes met with a nobleman by the name of Kiertan. Kiertan demanded that the group return his land to him as well as his city mansion. After some debate it was decided that all his land would be returned, 4 square miles, and that instead of paying his back taxes the party would retain rights to any resources found on his land. Kiertan would also be responsible for supplying 30 men to the militia to help meet the quota. As the meeting finished it was revealed Kiertan still had 120 guards that the party did not know about.

After their meeting with Edwin and Kiertan, the party decided to investigate the disappearance of the town guards . The first night a raccoon chewed through the pocket of Rinzlers cloak ruining some of it magical properties. And Chads character, whoever he may be, saw a man who appeared to be a soldier of sorts with disheveled hair and a ratty appearance, but upon investigation the man disappeared impossibly fast into the woods. As the team came to the mining town they came across some information that led them to an abandoned house and barn, and in turn to a cellar. As the party ventured into the unnaturally cold cellar they noticed a large hole burrowed into the wall. They party followed the hole down into a large cavern with holes all around the party decided to fight whatever may be down here on their own terms so the went back up the hole but were soon being chased by subterranean creatures who could climb along the walls, a couple close calls and a crazy ice lady who Aebon cleaved in half later, brought the party back to the cellar where they realized the creatures were either afraid or hurt by bright light. What will happen next? Stay Tuned Say Geek Time Say Geek Location!!



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