Sarcastic, Tricky Bastards

5.31.11 According to my notes....

summary at the end

There appears to be some kind of fire. Right, the boat is on fire! Rinzler’s behemoth gulps in water to blow on the fire while Gryshiel and Regdar (mostly) try to rescue the horses from the boat. Rinzler drags Thava to shore with his behemoth while Aebon gathers supplies from the boat. The ponies are afraid of the fire and the water. They seem to lack survival instincts. In the meantime Regdar has fallen unconscious, off his horse, and into the water drowning. Gryshiel is the horse whisperer and saves both ponies. Aebon is the last to leave the boat. Rinzler and his behemoth rescue Regdar from the water and Thava proceeds to resuscitate him while he vomits. Sadly, our boat begins to sink slowly. The behemoth salvages supplies from the boat on the bottom of the river once it finishes sinking. Behemoth, Aebon, Gryshiel, Rinzler, and Regdar try to locate good trees. Finally, Thava succeeds. Regdar and Rinzler lead the tree chopping way. Gryshiel smartly goes to bed. Aebon guides construction of a new raft; however, the ponies don’t fit. The men of the party keep working… but fail. They decide to go to sleep and Gryshiel keeps watch. 5 Gattir (I’m going with this spelling) get on top of the raft that the party just built and try to steal it. OH NO!
Gryshiel smashes the first one. Thava hits one and it calls bears from the forest and they really start fighting back. The bears have Gattir on top of them and they charge and attack Thava, pinning her. Gryshiel kicks several creatures butts with her awesome attacks. Thava spends a lot of time pinnes. Aebon and Gryshiel double team the other bear. One Gattir rejuvenated while the others continue to steal the raft and take it downstream. The party continues to attack while the raft escapes. Gryshiel continues the rape the enemies. Rinzler and his behemoth are on the raft. Regdar climbs onto the raft and is attacked. Meanwhile, Aebon takes the Gattir off of the bear and kills them both. Thava finally gets free and she and Gryshiel attack the bear. The raft drifts to a huge cache of enemies. The enemies on the boat try to kill Regdar but he attempts to retaliate. He only succeeds once and is attacked right back for his insolence. The remaining bear continues to rampage and Rinzler continues to attack the raft creatures. Regdar goes DOWN! Thava is also down from the elephant (wait… there was an elephant? that’s what my notes say). Regdar is revived by Aebon who goes on to hit the bear…who is not yet bloodied! Regdar and Rinzler reclaim the boat but the Gattir mob the bank by the boat. R&R are besieged by arrows. They successfully avoid most of them; however, the arrows have a green and sticky substance on them. They are poisoned!! The bear attacks Thava once and runs away. Aebon attacks him but he still isn’t bloodied. The Gattir taunt Gryshiel as they leave and she attacks the fleeing bear by flying after him and almost bloodies him. Regdar overcomes the poison and flees the boat into the river with the behemoth not far behind him. Regdar tries to escape the river but his isn’t making it far. Thava is almost really dead. Regdar finally makes it out of the river while Rinzler is still plotting in the river under water. Thava falls unconscious. She is still alive and requires 7 days to recover. The party puts Thava on a horse and Regdar heals himself. Regdar rides the other horse while the behemoth scouts and leads a path. The party continues blindly through the woods and 1 day has passed. They choose to set up camp and keep watch. Gryshiel, Regdar, then Rinzler spot nothing. Aebon asks the slaves (in Gattir) about the BIG fish. The Gattir don’t have any info about it and Rinzler asks them about fishing with flesh. The party ties 3 trees together to make a questionable raft. Then they make it a bit better by making it bigger to sleep on. They take shifts as captain/lookout. First Rinzler then Aebon. Regdar sees the party’s old raft overtaking the party from behind. There are like a million Gattir on the raft. The behemoth is summoned in hippopotamus mode! There are weird sounds and an underwater fireball emerges. The Gattir are like crazy tribal people with drums. Something long and hard and scaly wraps around the raft brushing past Rinzler’s behemoth. Aebon throws a rope to the shore but misses. The boat is bumped again. Aebon goes into the water and feels it brush against his legs. He is yanked under the water and sees something long and silver about 5 feet around. His leg is in its mouth and its fangs are sharp and crazy poisonous. Aebon fights back. Electricity fills the water and super shocks Aebon. Aebon’s weapon is still embedded in the eel and he is dragged down the river. He rips its gills and makes it very unhappy. He is freed but he gets shocked and then is unpoisoned. The water is very bloody. Aebon has 13 HP and must escape. He only makes it a bit closer to the shore. The eel comes after him but can’t get him. Aebon gets onto the shore opposite of the party, attempting to attack the eel on his way out but failing. The crazy Gattir go after Aebon. He heals some. Rinzler drags Thava onto the behemoth and cuts the raft binding, ruining it for now. The Gattir are very sad.

Summary: There is a fire. The boat sinks. The Gattir attack us on the shore. Gryshiel does awesome. We make a new raft. This gets stolen too. There is a giant eel in the water. It s pretty vicious. We ruined the second raft that the Gattir are trying to take instead of letting them have it. They are very sad.



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