Sarcastic, Tricky Bastards

5-24-2011 Just Around The Riverbend

Session Summary for May 24th

Undead bodies are on the floor and Dante has fled the scene. The party has searched the bodies and found ten weapon & armor sets, which are all glowing. With some mediocre Arcana checks, the party determines there is definitely some sort of dark magic enchantment about them. The party hears shouting in the distance and decides to get the hell out of dodge.

Back in Westwick, the party rendezvous’s with Edwan to report in their findings. They inform him of what transpired in Leelet and how the undead are a serious threat to the town. Edwan instructs his men to go blow up the tunnel during daylight in an effort to at least deter the undead’s progress toward Westwick.

Jil’s new merchants have now arrived and set up shop and the town has also recruited another hundred and twenty men, plus fifty women for the Town Guard. The town has also experienced a slight growth in population to 3,846 and has also gained another 5,195 gold in tax revenues, putting the total town coffer to 57,494 gold.

About a month passes. Several party members spend their time training the local town guards or building up areas of worship to their religion of choice.

The party receives two messages. The first is from a man named Milton, who is a Champion of the Church of Sin. Milton’s message is pretty straightforward. Side with the Church of Sin, remove the Church of the Prophet, and provide Milton and his colleagues with enough land to build a bigger church as well as housing for its priests and Champions. In exchange, the Church of Sin will return favors of significant value to the party. The party decides this is a fair deal and agrees to the terms.

The second message comes from an unidentified man with a message to Grysheil and Marcus. It basically states if the Legendeers want to see their loved ones alive (i.e. Grysheil’s betrothed and Marcus’ sister), the party will venture to the port city of Kaluhl in Damdrin City-States within three months time or the loved ones will be killed. The party is to request rooms at the Calm Wharf Inn and await further details. The party decides to assist the Legendeers and journey to the kidnappers requested location.

So the party determines it will take less time to travel through the woods (spoiler alert) and proceeds to travel out of Verant and into the Riverlands. The party is detained at the western edge of the Riverlands border and is informed they must pay an exit tax in order to pass through it’s gates. The party agrees to pay the fee as well as pay for a boat and escort to get them the rest of the way through the Riverlands. Total charges for the entire party comes to 279 gold. The party also encounters a new race of dark skinned humans which the locals refer to as Gatir half-breeds. This “new” race speaks the common language…

The party then proceeds down the river accompanied by the boat’s captain, his two guards, and four slaves, and is then ambushed by a bunch of Gatir. From what Theva can make out from their leader, they’re chattering about a giant fish in the water and flesh is needed to summon The Big Fish. Both the boat captain and his guards are killed during this ambush and there are now only two slaves left.

[enter encounter fight sequence here]



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