Sarcastic, Tricky Bastards

5-17-2011 Load Saved Game?

Session Summary for May 17th

We left off with the party licking their wounds from an encounter with cave creepies that could sprint along and up the sides of walls. A decision was made, after trying to freeze extremities off, to venture back to town, grab cold weather supplies, mainly Hot Hands and Toastie Toes, and try again.

So the party made it’s way back to Leelet, and back down the cellar of the old farmhouse. After some Religion checks, the party determined the cave creepies were powerful undead, not your run of the mill zombies. The party then proceeded down into the tunnels again, only to discover a new 10ft hole that opened into into a large tunnel that was about 35ft in diameter. Oooh! Sparkly! Shiny! The party noticed this huge tunnel was covered in glass and could hear the sounds of shattering glass and steady hammering in the distance, as well as smell smoke. In the distance a line of undead worker bees could be seen, which unlike the party’s previous encounter with these creatures, weren’t cringing from the light illuminating from Rinzler’s shield.

Hypothermia Alert! The room was getting incredibly cold, incredibly fast. If action wasn’t decided soon, the party was going to start taking cold damage again. High School Reunion! In one corner, the party could see a massive, armored figure atop a Wyvern, who looked strangely familiar…almost like one of the party’s former companions, Dante. Only he was now undead. A few words were exchanged. Mainly, to confirm what they were: undead, what they wanted: their own land, what they planned to do: drive the living from their land.

The rest of the encounter was spent with Rinzler, Aemon, and Regdar smacking around undead like schoolyard bullies beating up the skinny kids for their lunch money, Theva attempting to become unprone from a giant Wyvern only to learn Wyverns are immune to tickling, and Grysheil getting extremely angry at failed attempts to hit an undead Dante and his too high AC. The session ended with Dante waving farewell and fleeing the scene, Grysheil swearing, and the party standing around to assess the damage. Theva has learned a thing or two about Wyvern feet….



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