Sarcastic, Tricky Bastards

5.31.11 According to my notes....
summary at the end

There appears to be some kind of fire. Right, the boat is on fire! Rinzler’s behemoth gulps in water to blow on the fire while Gryshiel and Regdar (mostly) try to rescue the horses from the boat. Rinzler drags Thava to shore with his behemoth while Aebon gathers supplies from the boat. The ponies are afraid of the fire and the water. They seem to lack survival instincts. In the meantime Regdar has fallen unconscious, off his horse, and into the water drowning. Gryshiel is the horse whisperer and saves both ponies. Aebon is the last to leave the boat. Rinzler and his behemoth rescue Regdar from the water and Thava proceeds to resuscitate him while he vomits. Sadly, our boat begins to sink slowly. The behemoth salvages supplies from the boat on the bottom of the river once it finishes sinking. Behemoth, Aebon, Gryshiel, Rinzler, and Regdar try to locate good trees. Finally, Thava succeeds. Regdar and Rinzler lead the tree chopping way. Gryshiel smartly goes to bed. Aebon guides construction of a new raft; however, the ponies don’t fit. The men of the party keep working… but fail. They decide to go to sleep and Gryshiel keeps watch. 5 Gattir (I’m going with this spelling) get on top of the raft that the party just built and try to steal it. OH NO!
Gryshiel smashes the first one. Thava hits one and it calls bears from the forest and they really start fighting back. The bears have Gattir on top of them and they charge and attack Thava, pinning her. Gryshiel kicks several creatures butts with her awesome attacks. Thava spends a lot of time pinnes. Aebon and Gryshiel double team the other bear. One Gattir rejuvenated while the others continue to steal the raft and take it downstream. The party continues to attack while the raft escapes. Gryshiel continues the rape the enemies. Rinzler and his behemoth are on the raft. Regdar climbs onto the raft and is attacked. Meanwhile, Aebon takes the Gattir off of the bear and kills them both. Thava finally gets free and she and Gryshiel attack the bear. The raft drifts to a huge cache of enemies. The enemies on the boat try to kill Regdar but he attempts to retaliate. He only succeeds once and is attacked right back for his insolence. The remaining bear continues to rampage and Rinzler continues to attack the raft creatures. Regdar goes DOWN! Thava is also down from the elephant (wait… there was an elephant? that’s what my notes say). Regdar is revived by Aebon who goes on to hit the bear…who is not yet bloodied! Regdar and Rinzler reclaim the boat but the Gattir mob the bank by the boat. R&R are besieged by arrows. They successfully avoid most of them; however, the arrows have a green and sticky substance on them. They are poisoned!! The bear attacks Thava once and runs away. Aebon attacks him but he still isn’t bloodied. The Gattir taunt Gryshiel as they leave and she attacks the fleeing bear by flying after him and almost bloodies him. Regdar overcomes the poison and flees the boat into the river with the behemoth not far behind him. Regdar tries to escape the river but his isn’t making it far. Thava is almost really dead. Regdar finally makes it out of the river while Rinzler is still plotting in the river under water. Thava falls unconscious. She is still alive and requires 7 days to recover. The party puts Thava on a horse and Regdar heals himself. Regdar rides the other horse while the behemoth scouts and leads a path. The party continues blindly through the woods and 1 day has passed. They choose to set up camp and keep watch. Gryshiel, Regdar, then Rinzler spot nothing. Aebon asks the slaves (in Gattir) about the BIG fish. The Gattir don’t have any info about it and Rinzler asks them about fishing with flesh. The party ties 3 trees together to make a questionable raft. Then they make it a bit better by making it bigger to sleep on. They take shifts as captain/lookout. First Rinzler then Aebon. Regdar sees the party’s old raft overtaking the party from behind. There are like a million Gattir on the raft. The behemoth is summoned in hippopotamus mode! There are weird sounds and an underwater fireball emerges. The Gattir are like crazy tribal people with drums. Something long and hard and scaly wraps around the raft brushing past Rinzler’s behemoth. Aebon throws a rope to the shore but misses. The boat is bumped again. Aebon goes into the water and feels it brush against his legs. He is yanked under the water and sees something long and silver about 5 feet around. His leg is in its mouth and its fangs are sharp and crazy poisonous. Aebon fights back. Electricity fills the water and super shocks Aebon. Aebon’s weapon is still embedded in the eel and he is dragged down the river. He rips its gills and makes it very unhappy. He is freed but he gets shocked and then is unpoisoned. The water is very bloody. Aebon has 13 HP and must escape. He only makes it a bit closer to the shore. The eel comes after him but can’t get him. Aebon gets onto the shore opposite of the party, attempting to attack the eel on his way out but failing. The crazy Gattir go after Aebon. He heals some. Rinzler drags Thava onto the behemoth and cuts the raft binding, ruining it for now. The Gattir are very sad.

Summary: There is a fire. The boat sinks. The Gattir attack us on the shore. Gryshiel does awesome. We make a new raft. This gets stolen too. There is a giant eel in the water. It s pretty vicious. We ruined the second raft that the Gattir are trying to take instead of letting them have it. They are very sad.

5-24-2011 Just Around The Riverbend
Session Summary for May 24th

Undead bodies are on the floor and Dante has fled the scene. The party has searched the bodies and found ten weapon & armor sets, which are all glowing. With some mediocre Arcana checks, the party determines there is definitely some sort of dark magic enchantment about them. The party hears shouting in the distance and decides to get the hell out of dodge.

Back in Westwick, the party rendezvous’s with Edwan to report in their findings. They inform him of what transpired in Leelet and how the undead are a serious threat to the town. Edwan instructs his men to go blow up the tunnel during daylight in an effort to at least deter the undead’s progress toward Westwick.

Jil’s new merchants have now arrived and set up shop and the town has also recruited another hundred and twenty men, plus fifty women for the Town Guard. The town has also experienced a slight growth in population to 3,846 and has also gained another 5,195 gold in tax revenues, putting the total town coffer to 57,494 gold.

About a month passes. Several party members spend their time training the local town guards or building up areas of worship to their religion of choice.

The party receives two messages. The first is from a man named Milton, who is a Champion of the Church of Sin. Milton’s message is pretty straightforward. Side with the Church of Sin, remove the Church of the Prophet, and provide Milton and his colleagues with enough land to build a bigger church as well as housing for its priests and Champions. In exchange, the Church of Sin will return favors of significant value to the party. The party decides this is a fair deal and agrees to the terms.

The second message comes from an unidentified man with a message to Grysheil and Marcus. It basically states if the Legendeers want to see their loved ones alive (i.e. Grysheil’s betrothed and Marcus’ sister), the party will venture to the port city of Kaluhl in Damdrin City-States within three months time or the loved ones will be killed. The party is to request rooms at the Calm Wharf Inn and await further details. The party decides to assist the Legendeers and journey to the kidnappers requested location.

So the party determines it will take less time to travel through the woods (spoiler alert) and proceeds to travel out of Verant and into the Riverlands. The party is detained at the western edge of the Riverlands border and is informed they must pay an exit tax in order to pass through it’s gates. The party agrees to pay the fee as well as pay for a boat and escort to get them the rest of the way through the Riverlands. Total charges for the entire party comes to 279 gold. The party also encounters a new race of dark skinned humans which the locals refer to as Gatir half-breeds. This “new” race speaks the common language…

The party then proceeds down the river accompanied by the boat’s captain, his two guards, and four slaves, and is then ambushed by a bunch of Gatir. From what Theva can make out from their leader, they’re chattering about a giant fish in the water and flesh is needed to summon The Big Fish. Both the boat captain and his guards are killed during this ambush and there are now only two slaves left.

[enter encounter fight sequence here]

5-17-2011 Load Saved Game?
Session Summary for May 17th

We left off with the party licking their wounds from an encounter with cave creepies that could sprint along and up the sides of walls. A decision was made, after trying to freeze extremities off, to venture back to town, grab cold weather supplies, mainly Hot Hands and Toastie Toes, and try again.

So the party made it’s way back to Leelet, and back down the cellar of the old farmhouse. After some Religion checks, the party determined the cave creepies were powerful undead, not your run of the mill zombies. The party then proceeded down into the tunnels again, only to discover a new 10ft hole that opened into into a large tunnel that was about 35ft in diameter. Oooh! Sparkly! Shiny! The party noticed this huge tunnel was covered in glass and could hear the sounds of shattering glass and steady hammering in the distance, as well as smell smoke. In the distance a line of undead worker bees could be seen, which unlike the party’s previous encounter with these creatures, weren’t cringing from the light illuminating from Rinzler’s shield.

Hypothermia Alert! The room was getting incredibly cold, incredibly fast. If action wasn’t decided soon, the party was going to start taking cold damage again. High School Reunion! In one corner, the party could see a massive, armored figure atop a Wyvern, who looked strangely familiar…almost like one of the party’s former companions, Dante. Only he was now undead. A few words were exchanged. Mainly, to confirm what they were: undead, what they wanted: their own land, what they planned to do: drive the living from their land.

The rest of the encounter was spent with Rinzler, Aemon, and Regdar smacking around undead like schoolyard bullies beating up the skinny kids for their lunch money, Theva attempting to become unprone from a giant Wyvern only to learn Wyverns are immune to tickling, and Grysheil getting extremely angry at failed attempts to hit an undead Dante and his too high AC. The session ended with Dante waving farewell and fleeing the scene, Grysheil swearing, and the party standing around to assess the damage. Theva has learned a thing or two about Wyvern feet….

5-10-11 Politics, Gold and Subteranean Creatures

The party after leaving the main capital of Anvisil decided to return to Westwick. Upon returning to Westwick the party rested and then met first thing the next morning with Edwin. Edwin informed the party that they had accrued 12000 gold in taxes over the 6 month that they had been in control of the town, in addition to this gold the party decided to donate the gold from their plundering of the magic shops in Anvisil to the town bringing the coffers up to right around 59000. The group then proceeded to go over a list of things that needed their attention.

First the team decided to leave taxes at 6% for the lower class. There has been a problem with guard patrols going missing up north, the team decided that they would investigate it personally.
There was also an order to send 150 men to join the ranks of the militia, they needed to be armed or have the gold sent along to arm them. It was decided that the men would be armed in Westwick. The men will each be armed with chainmail, light shields, and short swords for a grand total of 11000 gold from the coffers. To help with enrollment the party will pay each militia member who joins ten gold per month. To help with the dwindling number of town guards it was decided that enrollment would be open to women as well as men. Theva suggested we pay them 7 gold for every 10 the men makes, we passed….

Finally the Heroes met with a nobleman by the name of Kiertan. Kiertan demanded that the group return his land to him as well as his city mansion. After some debate it was decided that all his land would be returned, 4 square miles, and that instead of paying his back taxes the party would retain rights to any resources found on his land. Kiertan would also be responsible for supplying 30 men to the militia to help meet the quota. As the meeting finished it was revealed Kiertan still had 120 guards that the party did not know about.

After their meeting with Edwin and Kiertan, the party decided to investigate the disappearance of the town guards . The first night a raccoon chewed through the pocket of Rinzlers cloak ruining some of it magical properties. And Chads character, whoever he may be, saw a man who appeared to be a soldier of sorts with disheveled hair and a ratty appearance, but upon investigation the man disappeared impossibly fast into the woods. As the team came to the mining town they came across some information that led them to an abandoned house and barn, and in turn to a cellar. As the party ventured into the unnaturally cold cellar they noticed a large hole burrowed into the wall. They party followed the hole down into a large cavern with holes all around the party decided to fight whatever may be down here on their own terms so the went back up the hole but were soon being chased by subterranean creatures who could climb along the walls, a couple close calls and a crazy ice lady who Aebon cleaved in half later, brought the party back to the cellar where they realized the creatures were either afraid or hurt by bright light. What will happen next? Stay Tuned Say Geek Time Say Geek Location!!

5-3-11, Religious Intolerance
Session summary for 5-3-11

After entering the void left by the slain Bard, the party found themselves transported to well-furnished rooms connected by dark hallways. Grysheil found herself in a room with three Church of Sin Champions who told her that the others were full of sin and attempting to destroy the church. Aebon found himself in a room with his three siblings, Tersin, Ameril, and Roalian (spelling off the top of my head), who had a contract out for the Church of Sin as well as the heretircal priest, both of which would attempt to kill any gold-chasing mercenaries. Theva was in a room with the creature called Charat, which told her that mercenaries would turn on her for simple coin and the nearby madmen for simple pleasure. Aemon (Chad) and Regdar (Jon) were told by Zombie Dante of a heretical priest that would either kill or manipulate them and also of a group of deranged lawmen. Rinzler (Wesley), a militia member sent to reinforce the party, found himself with deceased members of the Militia, who warned of the unpredictable madmen and the zealot Church of Sin.

Neither Rinzler, the Aemon and Regdar team, or Grysheil moved, at first. Aebon moved to the Church of Sin at the same time Theva conquered his now abandoned room. Aebon’s siblings and the Church of Sin began fighting, despite both respective leaders attempting to hold them off. Finding themselves bored, Team Madman turned on Zombie Dante and killed him. Meanwhile, Theva and Charat (creature) moved behind Aebon and his siblings, allowing Charat (creature) to run rampant and kill Tersin and Ameril. Rinzler and his Militia moved in behind the Church of the Sin and began to fight them. After no one would stop fighting, Grysheil turned on the Church of Sin and struck at the leader, which caused him and the remaining Champion to vanish. By this time, Team Madman had moved to Theva’s room and conquered it. Theva moved to meet them in Aebon’s room and a growing brawl took place between Team Madman and Charat (creature). Theva refused to take sides. Grysheil stayed in her now empty room and drank tea. Aebon and Roalian moved to halfheartedly attack Charat (creature) as did Rinzler, although he arrived just in time for Charat(creature) to release one final attack, killing Roalian, and then vanishing. Rinzler turned on his remaining Militia members and they too vanished.

At this point, a nearby wall collpased and reveleaed an open room with the Bard standing in it. He talked to the party while they rested, trying to convince them to turn on each other. None did. The Bard attacked before the party was allowed to finish resting, but, lacking any allies, he died without much threat.

The world they found themselves in collapsed around them and the party was transported back to Anvessiel. The center of town, all where the void had touched, was dead. Being opportunistic to the core, the party went into a nearby magic shop and stole three bags of holding and 48,000 gold worth of items. They tried finding other wealthy venues nearby, but had no luck. Soon, the guards came warily into this dead zone and the party thought it best to leave town and return to Westwick.

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